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At Microtex, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to battery delivery. That’s why we offer battery supplies that are quicker and faster than any other in the market! Our custom railway batteries are delivered promptly so you can get back to business without any delays. Trust us to deliver your batteries on time, every time!

Microtex understands that railway signalling batteries are critical for ensuring safety and reliability in railway operations. That’s why we offer a complete range of railway signaling batteries in tubular plate technology that meets recognized RDSO standards. Our batteries are available in lead acid deep-cycle tubular plate technology and are available in the complete RDSO-approved range in capacities ranging from 40Ah to 500Ah1. Trust us to deliver high-quality and reliable railway signalling batteries that meet stringent RDSO specifications.

What Batteries We Offer

Get the best quality railway batteries approved by RDSO only from Microtex!


RDSO approved part 1 vendor since 1994. Check our range of high-performance signal batteries

Diesel Loco starter

Designed to provide reliable starting of diesel locomotives with incredible cranking currents

Electric Loco battery

-Designed to provide reliable power
-Meets or exceeds RDSO standards

EMU batteries

RDSO approved part 1 supplier for EMU batteries

Stationary cells

High-quality flooded stationary cells from 2V 40Ah to 2V 3000Ah in PPCP containers or SAN containers

EoG 8V 290Ah battery

India’s most preferred end-on-generation starter batteries 24V 290Ah – trusted & reliable cranking power

2V VRLA Batteries

Sealed Maintenance Free 2V cells from 100Ah to 5000Ah – TSEC approved

2V Gel Batteries

Sealed Maintenance Free Tubular Gel batteries from 100Ah to 5000Ah

12V SMF Batteries

12V SMF AGM batteries from 7Ah to 200Ah in robust ABS containers & 12V Tubular Gel Batteries from 100Ah to 200Ah

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Established in 1969, our 54 years of battery manufacturing expertise ensures that you get a battery with the latest technology yet manufactured with great experience & care in process controls!


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