Railway diesel locomotive battery 8v 165Ah


Specially designed and engineered for the railway industry, the Microtex diesel Locomotive engine starter battery feature higher cranking currents and a higher reserve capacity to augment the auxiliary on-board equipment on the diesel locomotive, making it the choice of the Indian Railways. The cells are constructed to form 8 volt monobloc batteries. Each 2v Battery is hermetically heat sealed and housed in a Fibre Reinforced Plastic tray designed specifically to avoid any leakage of electrolyte. Electrolyte leakage causes costly corrosion buildup and leakage currents which could damage the electronics in the modern diesel locomotive. The foolproof design ensures the diesel Locomotive engine starter battery performs without any leakage throughout its service life.


8v 165Ah Railway Diesel Locomotive Batteries in PPCP  containers, housed in sturdy FRP tray. High performance battery.Design in compliance with applicable IS 7624-1990.

8v 165Ah – Model No.: Mi8 165P
Battery Type : Low Maintenance Lead Acid Starter Batteries
Voltage : 8v
Capacity : 165Ah to 1.85 ECV @ C10 at 27°C
Container Material : Polypropylene Copolymer cells in Fibre Reinforced Tray (PPCP/FRP)
Battery Dimension : 500 ±5 L x 180 ±5 W x 330 ±5 H
Battery Weight : 42 Kgs appx. (Dry) (without electrolyte)
54 Kgs appx.(Wet) (with electrolyte)

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