Railway Signaling Batteries

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What You Need To Know About Our Company

Mysore Thermo Electric Private Limited was founded in 1969, by our founder Shri A Govindan

Railway approved since 1994 by RDSO


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What batteries we offer you

High-performance RDSO-approved railway batteries.

Signalling cells

RDSO approved 2V 80 to 2V 500Ah in PPCP & hard rubber containers.

Diesel Locomotive Starter Batteries

Deep cycle instant cranking currents tubular batteries 8V 450Ah, 8V 500Ah

TRD Batteries

2V 40Ah & 2V 200Ah TRD cells

EoG Starter batteries

High-performance tubular Genset starter batteries for End on Generation applications 8V 290Ah.

Electric Loco battery

RDSO approved 10V 75Ah batteries for electric locomotives for pantograph operation.

EMU Batteries

Electric Multiple Units 10V 90Ah batteries

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