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Microtex 2V 200Ah Battery is Type Approved by RDSO since 1994 and is most preferred by the Railways. It is tested and approved to the highest standards and features a high-performance and low-maintenance design. The PPCP container is designed in compliance with applicable RDSO Spec. IRS-S-88/2004 and IS 1651-2013 standards.

Microtex batteries are built strong enough to withstand tough environmental conditions. Plus, topping up is only needed once in 12 months, making it an incredibly efficient source of power for all your signalling needs. Trust the signal battery that Railway authorities trust more and get the 2V 200Ah Signalling Battery for reliable and dependable performance!

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Microtex batteries are designed by Dr Wieland Rusch a leading battery scientist & inventor of the copper stretch metal submarine battery. Comparable to any leading international brands.

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Indian Railways require a sturdy battery design with a tough construction to match. Microtex Signal batteries are designed to perform in the most stringent conditions. Proven performance and the choice of the Indian Railways.

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Microtex batteries are hand-crafted with care and precision. The entire process involves 124 process checks ensuring that you get a trouble-free performance. The combination of lead with tin, copper, arsenic, sulphur, and low selenium, ensures that the battery consumes very less water during service – almost feels like a maintenance-free battery!

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The Indian railway system is one of the largest in the world, with over 67,000 km of track and an average of 23 million daily passengers. One of the most important aspects of railway operations is the signalling system, which ensures the safe and efficient movement of trains. In railway signalling applications, a reliable and efficient power source is critical for ensuring the reliability of the system. This article will explore the use of 2V 200Ah batteries in Indian railway signalling applications, including their benefits, applications, and performance.

Benefits of 2V 200Ah Battery

The 2V 200Ah battery is a lead-acid battery that has been used in railway signalling applications for many years due to its high reliability and long service life. These batteries are designed to operate in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations. Additionally, they are maintenance-free, making them ideal for remote locations that are difficult to access.

Another benefit of the 2V 200Ah battery is its low self-discharge rate. This means that the battery can hold its charge for an extended period, making it suitable for applications where reliable backup power is critical. As a result, these batteries are widely used in Indian railway signalling applications, where they serve as a reliable power source for equipment such as signal lamps, switch machines, and other critical components.

Applications of 2V 200Ah Battery in Indian Railway Signalling

The 2V 200Ah battery is widely used in various Indian railway signalling applications, such as AC and DC signalling, relay interlocking, and digital axle counters. These batteries can power critical components, such as signal lamps, track circuits, and safety relays, ensuring that the signalling system is operational in the event of a power outage.

The 2V 200Ah battery is also used in wayside stations and other remote locations, where it serves as a reliable backup power source. In these applications, the battery is used to power safety-critical components, such as block instruments, point indicators, and level-crossing systems.

Performance of 2V 200Ah Battery in Indian Railway Signalling Applications

The performance of the 2V 200Ah battery in Indian railway signalling applications is critical to ensure the reliability of the signalling system. These batteries are designed to withstand high discharge rates while maintaining their capacity over a long service life. Additionally, they are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, which allows them to function optimally in the harsh Indian railway environment.

The battery’s performance is continuously monitored to ensure its reliability and prevent any potential failures. The battery is regularly tested using various procedures, such as impedance testing and capacity testing, to determine its condition and ensure that it is operating up to its full capacity. In this way, the reliability of the signalling system is maintained, and the safety of the passengers is ensured.

The use of 2V 200Ah batteries in Indian railway signalling applications has proven to be highly beneficial due to their high reliability and long service life. They are widely used in various signalling applications, such as AC and DC signalling, relay interlocking, and digital axle counters. Their performance is continuously monitored to ensure their reliability, preventing any potential failures that could impact the safety of the passengers. Therefore, it can be concluded that 2V 200Ah batteries are an indispensable component of the Indian railway signalling system, ensuring its reliability and safety.

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Manufacturing Process

High-quality systems ensure you get the best 2V 200Ah signalling batteries in the country.

Signal battery formation of plates
Only tank-formed plates

This process ensures the complete formation of all plates. A critical process in battery manufacture. This process is like giving a genetic code to the life of a battery.

Signal battery oxide production
Lead sub-oxide production

All key components of the battery are manufactured in-house. Ensures high-quality control.

Microtex signal batteries in shopfloor
Huge production capacity

Major railway signalling contractors procure their railway signal battery requirements from Microtex. Continuous production ensures ready supplies from ex-stocks.

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